Hotel, Healthcare, and Commercial Laundries
* "In-House" Laundry Justification *Planning *Design *Layout *Equipment Specifications *RFP Preparation
*Procurement *Existing Laundry Process Evaluation *Labor Productivity and Utility Improvements

Client Laundry Design Plans

Client laundry design plans for commercial, hotel and healthcare laundries (Click on the corresponding drawing to enlarge view):

Washington DC Marriott Hotel Laundry

This laundry was a renovation project that was a result of the Marriott Hotel Management relocating the laundry facilty and adding a water recycle system. DCA provided the design and layout, counsulted the engineering firm in completion of the stamped engineered drawings for permitting and construction, and managed the laundry equipment bid process for the owner. The owner added a water recycle system to conserve water and reduce the related water and sewer cost.

Hotel Hutton Nashville TN

The Hotel Hutton is a new hotel in Nashville that is a conversion of an existing office building. The owner engaged DCA to provide a laundry design and layout incorporating the mechanical equipment and a water recycle system. DCA provided owner liason services to the Architect and Engineer firms respectively. In addition, DCA provided the RFP, inclusive of the laundry equipment specifications, and managed the bid process on behalf of the owner. The laundry equipment is scheduled for delivery in installation in early 2009.